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In the 24 years since Norman Bernard and his wife, Vera, of Kildare Capes began the business, Norm’s Carpentry and Cabinet Making, word of the company’s quality and workmanship spread across the Island.

While the home construction arm of the operation remains seasonal and focused primarily on Western PEI with a couple of houses built as far away as Summerside, the manufactured doors, panels and cabinets can be found throughout the Island and beyond.

As Norm puts it, diversity is the key to healthy growth.

When Norm started out he worked out of a 16-by-34 foot shop behind their house while Vera took bookkeeping and computer courses that enabled her to manage the office and contribute her share to the business.  Vera also enjoys meeting with customers and having them view her home to display the company’s quality and workmanship.

As the business grew, he built on several additions and put up more buildings to allow for specialized processes, such as a dust-free finishing room.  Staffing also increased over time and Norman had given nine carpenters their red seals.

PEI Cabinets  PEI Carpentry

In all Norm’s Carpentry & Cabinet Making now occupies approximately 4,500 square feet of shop space, provides full-time year-round employment for four local men and seasonal work for two carpenters. Four people have received Red Seal licenses from Norman.

PEI Cabinet Making PEI Cabinets

From the beginning, Norm’s Carpentry & Cabinet Making has built three or four houses a year during construction season and manufactures kitchen cabinets throughout the year.  The cabinets are sold to contractors and homeowners, as well as being used in the houses the company builds.

Norman notes, that for the first few years he used cabinet doors manufactured elsewhere, but by 1990 the company was also manufacturing cabinet doors.  “We manufacture all types of cabinet doors,” says Norm noting the most popular styles are the Solid Raised Panel, Flat Panel and Glass doors.

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“We manufacture and install cabinets Island-wide,” says Norm, adding that his company is equipped to work in both new construction and renovations. In addition, they manufacture kitchen cabinets for other contractors on PEI and produce specialty raised panel products for Ravenwood Stairways, another Western PEI firm, to use in its Newel Posts which are sold throughout the Maritime provinces, Quebec and Ontario as well as in the New England States.

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